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Texas Cichlid

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Family: Cichlidae
Distribution: Central America :Texas, Mexico, River Panuco
Scientific Name: Herichthys ( Cichlasoma ) cyanoguttatus
Common Name: Texas Cichlid
Other Common Names: Rio Grande Perch, Blue Texas Cichlid, Green Texas Cichlid
Breeding: Egg Layer
Diet: Shrimp, earthworms, insects, food sticks, pellets, flake food, and occasionally leaf spinach, the Texas needs a diet with some Greens in it.
Good Beginner Fish: No, But vary forgiving in terms of water conditions
Comments: This is a fun fish to have as long as it's in it's own tank. Requires frequent partial water changes. The fish burrows and destroys plants. The fish enjoys oxygen rich water. The Texas Cichlid is a very adaptable and robust species
Ph : 6.9- 7.6
kH: 12
gH: 5 - 12
Temperature: 72-82 deg F
Max Size : Males: 12" Females: 8"
Min Tank size : 55 Gallon (US) For Single Specimen
Sociability: When Breading they are Extreamly Aggressive
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