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Midas / Red Devil Bio

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Family: Cichlidae
Distribution: Central America: Nicaragua
Scientific Name: Amphilophus citrinellus
Common Name: Red Devil / Midas Cichlid
Other Common Names: Lemon Cichlid
Breeding: Red Devils like to lay their eggs on top of a flat rock. they will dig all gravel from under the rock as well. They will get very aggressive at each other before the female lays.
(they like to have some water flow across the top of the rock that they are to lay on
Diet: Red Devils will eat any fish they can fit in there mouth,
as well as blood worms and cichlid pellets, grubs, wood lice, grasshoppers, earth worms and some spiders.
Good Beginner Fish: No, but good pet fish, if put in to a community aquarium it will end up being a solitary animal in the long run
Temperament: have been known to devour other fish completely killing for fun,
up there with the most aggressive fish in the cichlid family. This fish is Way Cool but unless you have a tough fish I wouldn't put red devils with other fish.
Comments: This is a fun fish to have as long as it's in it's own tank
Ph : 6.9- 7.6
kH: 12
gH: 5 - 12
Temperature: 72-82 deg F
Max Size : 12" -14"
Min Tank size : 55 Gallon (US)
Sociability: Very Aggressive
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