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Illness What To Do

Just some of the Nasty things your buds can get
  Bacteria / Fungus

Clamped Fins
Cloudy Eyes
Fish Bloat (Dropsy)
Gill Disease
Pop Eye
Rot (body, fin, mouth or tail)
Red Streaks
Small Fish Death
Swim Bladder Disease
Bacterial Slime Disease


Anchor Worms
Black Spot Disease
Clamped Fins
Fish Lice
Flashing (itching)
Grey/White Slime
Hole-In-The-Head Disease
Ich (white spot) (Ick)
Internal Parasites
Neon Tetra Disease
Thin Fish
Detritus Worms

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Harry at 4"

In my opinion medications are needed no mater if you introduced new fish or not , for instance when my guys get in a fight and they have scrapes and damaged skin I usually put in a anti bacterial and some aquarium salt in with them it seems to work because I haven't lost a fish in a very long time, a very long time!

Some sites to Look at for help on this subject.

Jungle Labs
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

Some good brands I like to use:

For Bacteria/Fungus I use:

Melafix® by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® : This is GOOD Stuff I recommend this to any one who will listen

Formalin by :it works ok

Formailn3® by Kordon® : Works fairly well

For Ich I use:

Before I use any medications for Ich I would try the old method first

Rid Ich+® by Kordon®: it's not to bad of stuff

For Water conditioners I use:

Aquanova +® by Kordon®