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Food For Harry and Boo

Harry at 4 in
Harry at 4"

Some of the websites I have visited say that Midas / Red Devils are Carnivores, but from my findings and and mounds and mounds of research they are Omnivores which means they need a bit of greens in there diet.

Boo at 2 in
Boo at 2"

I have run across the same problem with Boo with people saying that the Texas is a Carnivore. But what I Found is that in some conditions in the Rio Grand is that some Texas cichlids are almost completely herbivorous!. So to say that The Texas is a Omnivore is to say the least accurate.

My Opinion on Variety,
One of the biggest problems with feeding fish in general to day is variety, most people get the cheapest kind ( my Mother ) and stick to it and that's all the ever buy ( with her it's usually flake). I on the other hand would rather give them a variety and mix it around so they get something different all the time. For Example, one day I would give Harry a mix of flake, pellets, and snails as a treat other days I would give him crumbles and homemade food, or other days it's a few feeders with peas or something like that. When they say to give them a variety it's more than different types of food it's also texture that needs to be different. And try to keep these big fish entertained other wise they get destructive, similar to a dog, with lack of attention.