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Filtration for Harry And Boo

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This is a very crucial part of a aquarium that is some times over looked, or they  put the wrong type of filter, yes you can  put a wrong type, namely a under gravel filter, not because it doesn't work, it because these guys dig and move the substrate around a lot basically rendering the filter useless , to get the 3 way filtration,  pick a good brand, if you want to go canister you get what you pay for. Most aquariums have a turnover rate of about 6.0 gallons per hour , so a 50 gallon tank would need a 300gph filter 50 x 6 = 300  With bigger fish like Harry and Boo, try and go with about a turnover rate of about 10 would put it about 500gph 50 x 10 = 500 this might sound like overkill but to be honest with you ,you can never 'Over Filter' a aquarium. Another Thing you will find that you can't beat internet prices but I still sometimes buy stuff at the local fish store because I need it now, other than wait for it by mail and have fish die.

My Basic  Recommendations

As far as name brands , Aquaclear by Hagen , Emperor by Marineland are good brands , I am not to fond of Tetra's Whisper line,  canisters will work , just remember these fish can eject filter tubes and heaters.


For Harrys Tank I use a Aquaclear 500 for quick filtration of the 'Big Stuff' and it helps keep the water crystal clear , I also use in conjunction with the Aquaclear, a Fluval 304 Canister filter for more water polishing and for biological colonization it does a wonderful job.


For Boo right now I have a Aquaclear 300 and I plan on maybe using a Marineland 280 with Bio wheel for biological colonization. As To such extremes that I have gone with Harrys tank I soon will do the same thing with Boo's tank.
Good Web sites for Hardware:
Dr's fosters and smith Bigals Online  That Fish Place Jemco Aquatic Eco Systems Pet solutions
If You can think of any more, Please Email me Here